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E.S. Madima
Lifetime Achievement Literary Award
 Itani Madima is one of the pioneering writers in the TsiVenda language. His debut novel and most famous work, A Siene ( A victim of circumstances) was published in 1954. Madima also made name as a short story writer and columnist.Some of his works include Maduvha Ha Fani ( Days are not Alike), Hu Na Savhadina (Beware of Savhadina) and Mmanga Mawelewele, Maambiwa Ndi One ( Rumours are true) which have won him several literary accolades. Madima also wrote a regular column in a journal called Mungane wa Vhana in which he tackled pupils’ questions and concerns. He also had a stint as a Bantu World Newspapers correspondent.

Popularly known as E.S, Madima’s story is that of a man from humble beginnings as a herdboy at Vhufuli Village, Ha- Tshivhasa in the Limpopo Province. Prior to enrolling at the Lemana Training Institute in 1942 from which he qualified as a teacher, he worked as an untrained teacher two years earlier. Madima’s drive and focus saw him do odd jobs such as serving as a helper in the Institute’s library, being a private postal bag carrier and selling Bantu World Newspapers.

In 2005 Madima was honoured with a SALA Literary Lifetime Achievement Award.