Nadine Gordimer 2005
Nadine Gordimer
Lifetime Achievement Literary Award
 Nadine Gordimer was born in South Africa in 1923 to Jewish immigrants. Her literary immersion came at an early age when, after an illness forced her to withdraw from school, she was tutored at home. Arising from her isolated education were a love of books and an awareness of the increasing strangeness and tensions brewing within South African society. In 1948 apartheid was formalised; in 1949 Gordimer published her first short stories volume. She is also a South African Nobel Prize winning author and anti-apartheid activist.The fact that her work spans the apartheid period from its inception to its demise allows the reader a particular insight into the country’s socio-political development. While the breadth of Gordimer’s writing has prompted Western audiences to view her as ‘the chronicler and interpreter’ of the South African writers of her time were bound by the privileges of their class and race. Likewise, she shies away from her image as a human rights leader, stating that her words are her action and should not.She was honoured with the South African Literary Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005.