Mafika Gwala 2007
Mafika Gwala
Lifetime Achievement Literary Award
 Poet and editor, Mafika Gwala, was born and grew up in Verulam, KwaZulu Natal. A prolific poet nad leading light of the 1970’s Black Conscious Movement, Gwala is one of the few, versatile writers who are able to shift from English to isiZulu with so much dexterity and ease.His work – including Jol’ inkomo and No More Lullabies – is characterised by a rhythmic musicality that he attributes to the isiZulu language. In 1991, he edited and translated, into English, a collection of isiZulu writings entitled Musho! (Zulu Popular Praises).He spent most of his adult life in Mpumalanga Township, Hammarsdale. He has worked as a factory clerk, an industrial relations officer, a high school teacher and a university guest lecturer, aside from his writing and editing. He was a researcher at Manchester University in the UK.

In 2007, he was honoured with a SALA Literary Lifetime Achievement Award.