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Bishop M.T. Makobe
Nadine Gordimer Short Story Award

Bishop MT Makobe was born in Makadikwe, in the Nebo district of Sekhukhuneland. He hails from the royal family of BaMakobe a Potane where the present gaMasemola village is situated. The Makobe royal family has been living in peace ever since with the Ba gaMasemola people of the present day Limpopo province.

Bishop MT Makobe attended local schools and later worked for AFROX; LEVER BROTHERS; CLOVER and other companies. He attended University of the North, where he completed B.A (Development Administration); UED/HED. He taught at local schools and Night Schools in the Benoni District of the then Highveld Region of the East Rand. That is where he was part of the TEACH campaign (Teach Each and Every African Child in the East Rand), an educational awareness programme and an underground liberation school for youth, which was led by Mr CHACHALIA from Actonvile in Benoni.

Bishop MT Makobe later went overseas, where he found himself in many parts of the globe. He attended, worked and researched at Institutions of Higher Education and Training internationally. He obtained two Masters Degrees (M. Ed & M. Sc.) from C. State University of Pennsylvania in the U.S.A. and later Ed. D (Planning, Policy and Management in Higher Education – P) at Temple Commonwealth University in Philadelphia, USA. Bishop MT Makobe has been part of the Internationalisation of the Universities Programme at Temple University, with Latvian professor in partnerships with Oxford University, Cambridge University, University of London, Tavistock Institute and the Polytechnics where his focus was Psycho-Educational Processes in Internationalisation.

Bishop MT Makobe also completed PGDC. Directorship (Institute of Directors), sponsored by THE BLACK MANAGEMENT FORUM. He is also a Bricklayer by profession (BIFSA – Building Industries Federation of South Africa). Bishop MT Makobe won many awards, amongst others, Temple University Prestigious Presidential Doctoral Sponsorship Award and PANSALP – Ten Years of Democracy Award. As a polished scholar and researcher, he has read many papers at local and International Conferences. Apart from Bishop MT Makobe’s scheduled programmes, he took part in many anti-apartheid campaigns in the form of Educational Awareness at U.S.A. Universities campuses and Churches and was a regular poetry reader at the Black Month. As a President of International Students, he assisted organising events highlighting human rights abuse in many parts of the world, including Palestine and South Africa.
Bishop MT Makobe has won numerous poetry mentions in the USA, including in Sacramento – California, Albaguegue in New Mexico. He read his poems at various festivities in Britain – Hyde Park, England Schools and Train Stations, e.g. Marble Arch etc. Bishop MT Makobe, Eastern Europe and the former USSR are one and the same thing as they assisted in the shaping of his philosophy on war and peace, military intelligence, terrorism and PRAYER.

Bishop MT Makobe was also involved with the United Nations (UNESCO), where he did some research works being funded by them. Bishop MT Makobe has raised the bar while involved in the UNESCO’s sponsored projects of the likes of Bridges of Struikka – Paris. Bishop MT Makobe has written more than thirty seven (37) works of Literature in N.Sotho and English and so far appears more than 50X (fifty times) in the WEBSITE of GOOGLE.

Bishop MT Makobe has been a Senior lecturer at Colleges for years, while at the same time promoting Arts and Culture and Communication for Development in Communities back in South Africa. He became the Northern Province Chairperson of the then South African Colleges of Arts and Culture Association and later the National Commissioner of the Association. The Association was involved in developmental programmes and projects in all areas of Arts and Cultural and played a pivotal role during the initial drafting of Green and White Papers for parliament in the area. Awareness and Education throughout all Colleges of Education in South Africa was the key mission of the Association.

Bishop MT Makobe is now part of Facilitation Team, which facilitates, mentors and lectures Districts Language Specialists in the whole of Gauteng Province, a project sponsored by Gauteng Department of Education and some individual publishers from Publishers Association of South Africa (PASA). He mentors and guides upcoming authors in the roles and the passion in the game of communicating good, writing good and aspiring for good developmental goodies for one’s nation and the ultimate promotion of corporate citizenship through COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGING.

Bishop MT Makobe has been involved with the Graduate School of Management Sciences, School of Leadership at the University of KwaZulu-Natal till 2008 when he was tragically hit by a car. The accident did not stop his love and passion for Higher Education and Training and is now engaged at a different level, with the Faculty of Engineering – Civil Engineering Department at the University of Cape Town.

Bishop MT Makobe has worked for almost all units or departments in the old National Department of Education. He is presently stationed in the National Department of Higher Education and Training in Pretoria, where he is staying.