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David Robbins
Lifetime Achievement Literary Award
 David Robbins was born in East London (South Africa) and by the time he was 25 had lived in Kimberley, the Karoo, KwaZulu/Natal and the Free State. He is a writer who, since his publishing debut in 1985, has published 18 books, including travel, history, biography, fiction and socio-political analysis. In addition, he has written hundreds of articles on subjects ranging from culture and the arts to the major issues confronting the developing world. His journalism has been published in leading South African newspapers, as well as South African, British and American journals. His special focus areas include housing, urbanisation, local government, education, transport, economic development and health. He has travelled extensively in Africa. With his best-selling work, The 29th Parallel, he won one of South Africa’s most coveted literary prizes, the CNA literary award. He has also won numerous awards for his journalism. In 2008, his book, On the Bridge of Goodbye, was short-listed for the Via Afrika Recht Malan prize for non-fiction. He is widely considered to be one of South Africa’s leading non-fiction writers, particularly in the literary travel genre. Nevertheless, he began his writing career with a short story that was published when he was 19 and for which he was paid three guineas. He currently has two volumes of short fiction to his credit.