PG Du Plessis 213

Author’s profile

Pieter Georg (PG) du Plessis was born on 14 July 1934 in Boshof in the Free State. He matriculated at the Hoër Volkskool in Heidelberg. In 1955 he obtained a BA degree in Afrikaans-Nederlands and history at the University of Pretoria.

PG du Plessis obtained his doctorate degree on Die verwysing in die literatuur in 1966 under NP van Wyk Louw. Later, he was a director at the HSRC, chief sub-editor at the magazine Standpunte, assistant editor of the daily newspaper Die Transvaler and also editor of Hoofstad. PG’s first drama Die nag van Legio appeared in 1969. He received the Hertzog Prize for Drama in 1972 for Die nag van Legio and Siener in die suburbs. He also became well-known for Koöperasiestories, which was reworked as a TV series.
He was the screenwriter for the TV series Feast of the Uninvited, which he later reworked into a novel Fees van die ongenooides that appeared in 2008. PG currently lives on his farm near Rysmierbult in the North West Province.