Author            :           Bishop M.T Makobe

Title                :           Tsa Ngweding wa Letopanta

Language       :           Sepedi



Bishop MT Makobe was born in Makadikwe in the Nebo Area (SEKHUKHUNELAND – LIMPOPO) formerly known as Middelburg, Transvaal.

He completed his schooling in the area and furthered his studies at universities locally.

He taught at several schools in the East Rand (Ekhuruleni) – and as member of TEACHER (Teach Each and Every African Child in the East Rand). After WITS University, he found himself in various overseas countries, including the USA, where he attended various universities and worked in various capacities at various institutions and universities, including Temple Commonwealth University; St Joseph’s University in Villanova; University of Pennsylvania; C. State University of Penn. USA.

Bishop MT Makobe researched in the areas of Psycho-Educational Processes in International Education in the UK – Oxford University; Cambridge University; University of London; Tavistock Institute and the UK Polytechnics. He also researched in the areas of International Military Intelligence, Ethics and Humanitarian Interventions. He has written and read many articles at local and International Conferences. During those difficult times, he was also supported by the Office of the United Nations in New York, USA.

Bishop MT Makobe is a previous winner of two SALA Awards.

His various works (genres) are most recommended and prescribed from Grade 1 to Grade 12 and at various university levels.

He is a Knowledge Systems scholar and an IKS Student Researcher at the University of Venda and a Youth Community Developer.