Bongani Madondo SALA 2007
Bongani Madondo
Literary Journalism Award
 Bongani Madondo is profile writer, and cultural critic who contributes to local and overseas publications. He has published widely on literature, music, the politics of style, race-as-represented in glossy magazines, iconography, and the politics of personality worship, in publications such as Notions and the Zembla Literary Magazine in the United Kingdom.An African international avant-garde intellectual who is extraordinarily creative in the use of language, Madondo is also the author of a collection of miniature biographies on rock star gods, pop stars and thugs entitled Hot Type: Icons, Artists & God-Figurines (Picador Africa).Some of his journalistic narratives on topics as wide ranging as “The follies of worshipping Nelson Mandela” to “Eminem,” “Free Jazz” and “Why Style Matters” demonstrate his intimate knowledge of the subjects as well as his inimitable writing style.

His recent essay, Vanity Farce: Bono Deep Kisses Africa From Manhattan, has been included in the current issue of Transition Journal, the official publication of Harvard University’s W.E.B. Du Bois Institute African & African-American Studies. He is contributing editor of the Transition Journal on areas including African culture and politics.

Commenting about Madondo’s mastery of his craft, Nathan McCall, celebrated author of Makes Me Wanna Holler, and What’s Goin’ On said: “he navigates the juncture that is South Africa, the African continent, and America’s cultural terrain with acute precision. You are bound to hear about him soon …”

Madondo was a senior staff writer on the Lifestyle section of the Sunday Times. Recently he wrote the liner notes booklet for the late Busi Mhlongo’s last album, Amakholwa: The Believers.

He also co-wrote and is acting in the capacity of “dramaturge” in a theatrical revue on the life of the legendary SA Pop artist, Brenda Fassie. Madondo is currently working on pictorial and textual essays on the art and life of Busi Mhlongo.

A multi-awarded essayist and critic, and a 2009 Advanced Visual Arts Journalism Fellow at the American University’s Katzen Centre, Washington DC, Madondo is the joint recipient of the SALA Literary Journalism Award in 2007.