Category      : Lifetime Achievement Literary Award

Author           : Matshediso Aletta Motimele

Publications : Body of work

Matshediso Aletta Motimele (77) is an authority when it comes to Sepedi drama, poetry and prose. She is also a performing artist with a long list of successful productions she has executed in her professional career spanning over thirty  twenty years. She came to prominence during the days of Radio Lebowa as one of its foremost playwrights, penning dramas that went on to win accolades. Her radio dramas, usually 30 episodes long have contributed  to a burgeouning community of dramatists and thespians in Limpopo Province.

It is noted that her durability in both performance and literary arts have contributed  to the emergence of renowned playwrights such as Paul Mahuma Rapetsoa an d his successful emsemble of thespias.

Apart from  her life-long occupation as a playwright of note Motimele is known for her sizeable literary catalogue that includes books such as Podilane mankga (1995), Matsaka (1996), Mepipi ka moka e a na (2007), Tša malapa (1998), Ditokelo (2008), Makgema  (1995), Sediba sa thuto : pukutiro : mphato 3 (1998 and 1999), Nkgatoge (1994), Sediba sa thuto : padišo : mphato wa 3 (1998 and 1999) and Peu tša lerato (2007). Motimele has written contemporary literature for adult reading and books for the school environment. Her books have gone on to be prescribed over many years for schools in Limpopo, amassing various awards in the process.

This all-round artist has contributed her poetry to online platforms such as Badilisha. Motimele also performed during the inaugural Polokwane Literary Book Fair. Her ingenuity has also inspired her son, who has also become a prolific Sepedi fiction writer.

For her enduring work, passion for language and contribution to both the literary and performance landscape in South Africa, Mme Motimele deserves to earn a SALA Lifetime Achievement Award