Lize Albertyn-Du Toit

“Die kinders van Spookwerwe” is a remarkable work of fiction contributed by first-time published author, Lize Albertyn-du Toit.

While the obvious charming aspect of the work is the setting itself, being set in the exquisite Karoo, the creative narrative wordsmithing is what sets this book apart from the rest. In essence it provides the reader with a snap-shot into the everyday family life of a typical Karoo family. However, this family is NOT representative of a typically expected white farming family, but rather follows the movements, negotiations, conflicts, love, hopes and fears of a coloured family. This is a refreshing addition to the genre of rural-romantic-farm-fiction. The prose is beautiful and descriptive, often touching on the poetic. It exposes the reader to a selection of area-specific words and phrases, many of which we suspect are (as far as literature is concerned) probably neologisms. The character development is slow, but effectively employed and believable. Oftentimes the reader has the sense of being in a voyeuristic relationship with the characters, with the act of observation itself making the reader a part of the story. Finally, but not by any means the only other aspects that can be raised, is the fact that the reader is often caught unaware by developments in the narrative, resulting in difficulty categorising this work. While it is clearly fiction, it touches on poetry, drama, and crime (amongst other areas). While it is said that life is stranger than fiction, in this case, Albertyn-du Toit has managed to convince us that life probably imitates art.