Picture3Mohale Mashigo was born in Mapetla, Soweto, in 1983. She is a multi-disciplinary storyteller who loves exploring the unknown. Her interests span the life of legendary story women such as Brenda Fassie, and the rich worlds created by authors such as Toni Morrison.

The Yearning is Mashigo’s debut novel.  It is a novel she began writing in 2006 and then abandoned.  In 2011 she resumed working on the novel after a friend convinced her to. Mashigo says she has always told stories and in high school she and a friend wrote Sweet Valley High fan fiction.

The Yearning recently won the University of Johannesburg Prize for debut fiction. In addition to The Yearning, Mashigo has written a YA adaptation of the film Beyond the River and she is a writer for the Kwezi comic book series. She also writes frequently for several magazines  and newspapers.

“I am not really a writer. I’m a storyteller. I love telling stories … whether it’s as a novel or a song.” – Mohale Mashigo

Mashigo is also an award-winning singer/songwriter. She performs under the moniker Black Porcelain; her music is play-listed in 36 countries and her debut album, Invincible Summer,  won two Wawela Music Awards in June 2013.