Nndanduleni Mulaudzi

Nndanduleni Mulaudzi (62), who resides at Ha-Mavhunga-Gondeni village, is a hardcore poet whose voice is relevant in the world of today. His poetry is rich with allegory, onomatopoeia, metaphor, comparisons, assonance and alliterations.

He submitted his manuscript to Vhakololo Press in 2011, and it was eventually published – after extensive editing – towards the end of 2019 under the title Khonadzeo (which can be literally translated for ‘Possibilities’).

He was encouraged to continue writing poetry by his teacher Vho-ND Davhula at Tshipakoni Secondary School. He left school at STD 8, and he went to work at Pretoria City Council as an electrician in 1983; he later worked at Unisel Gold Mines in the then Orange Free State in 1985.

Today Mulaudzi, after doing some self-job as a maker of wooden spoons and other domestic utensils, is a shoe-repair of note in his village, who is known and respected for his quality work.