Recius Melato Malope

“A Tireless Language Activist”


With a career spanning 50 years of relentless activism in an African Language – tonight’s winner of the chairperson’s award is a true foot soldier for language justice.

His exceptional contribution to the advancement his mother tongue is legendary. A few highlights:


  1. took to do research and write theses and dissertations in his mother tongue.
  2. his advocacy has changed language policies at university – in favour of AL.
  3. Has crafted university syllabi in al.
  4. Served on many boards – JMB, Lexicography Language Units, PanSALB (inyon kayiphumuli uqobo)
  5. Volumes of manuscripts has been critiqued for seminal publishing houses locally and beyond.
  6. He has really shown the world that AL is as complex and scientific for any linguistic engagement as any language in the world.


Prof Recius Melato Malope IS THE WINNER of the SALA Chairperson’s Literary Award 2020.