romeldaRonelda S Kamfer debuted in 2008 with her first collection Noudat slapende honed by Kwela publishers, for which she received the Eugene Marais award. In 2011 she dropped her second book, Grond/santekraam also by Kwela publishers, which received the ABSA Kanna award in 2012.

She was writer in residence in Amsterdam Netherlands and in La Rochelle France.

Her third poetry collection Hammie, was published in 2016, which received the ATKV woordtrofee award the same year. All three collections have been translated and published in Dutch. An Italian translation of Grond/santekraam will be published in 2018 in Italy.

She is currently doing an MA at Rhodes University and completing a novel and a shortfilm.

She is married to cartoonist and poet Nathan Trantraal and they have a 6 year old daughter named Seymour.