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Siphatheleni Kula
K. Sello Duiker Memorial Literary Award
 Siphatheleni Kula was born on 2 April 1965 at Msintsane Village at Centre District in Eastern Cape. Majeke, as his clan name is, received his lower education at Anta Junior Secondary School in his village. And he received his higher education at Ncedisizwe senior secondary school. It is in this school where he was taught by the teachers who had isiXhosa in their hearts.While he was still at higher school, the seeds of passion for writing germinated. He wrote many stories which had been blown away by wind, for he denied that it was the beginning of good things to come.

He thought to a writer you should be a doctor or a professor.

After he had been matriculated, he departed for Gauteng to look for greener pastures. Fortunately, he was employed by a glass manufacturing company where he is still working. He continued his studies with the University of South Africa, where he passed his BA Degree in 1998. His major subjects were isiXhosa and Linguistics as he thought he would join a teaching profession, which is one of his passions.

While he was in UNISA, he started to write isiXhosa short stories and poems. He stuck until he was rescued by Professor Ncedile Saule, who encouraged him to write the novels too. He did so under his guidance. One of his novels, ELOWO NALOWO, won M-NET Literary Awards in 2007 and another one. ENGAKHALIYO IYAYEKWA, was one of the runners-up in 2008

Majeke also wrote the following books:

Walala Wasala (novel) llitha publishers
Elowo Nalowo (novel) Oxford University press
Ndakuyicel’ivuthiwe (novel) Oxford University Press
Inkawu idliw’ilila (novel) Oxford University Press
Ujobela Wejojo (drama) Oxford University Press
Engakhaliyo iyayekwa (novel) Bard Publishers
Ntakana ntyilontyilo (short stories) Bard Publishers
Ityeleba (novel) Bard Publishers
Hlamban’ amehlo(short stories) Shuter & Shooter Amhlathi A